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Mon, 01/20/2020 - 16:26 -- admin

Register your interest

Step 3: Securing your Land

January 2020 in Construction

Once you have decided on a lot you will need to sign contracts and pay an initial deposit. It is important that you understand the process involved which will be explained by the Land Sales Consultant. A copy of your land contract will also be emailed to your nominated conveyancer/solicitor to view prior to your contract signing.


When finding a block of land in your preferred location there are a few things to consider.

  • A cheaper lot can add extra to your budget. Often lots are cheaper due to things like the fall, irregular shape/size, substantial levels of fill, easements and covenants, all of which are likely to result in higher site costs.
  • Take into consideration, lot orientation, proximity to any major roads, public transport, parks and recreation areas - all of which may add future value to your home.
  • Estate Design Guidelines impact the overall streetscape, and you will need to consider what impact they will have on your design.
  • You’ll need to understand if your block is titled, and if not, and when will it be likely to title (land registered with the titles office and settlement completed). It’s important to remember that until your lot is titled, you cannot start to build your new home. So, if your preferred lot won’t title for another 12-18months, you have plenty of time to choose your dream home.

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