Bigger and better ways to have fun

This is where nature and technology work hand in hand to create the very best in recreation and educational play for children and adults alike.

Using the natural features and textures found in the existing landscape as inspiration, our designers will be using some of the latest ideas in play equipment, and then adding a touch of technology to create remarkable community spaces for the people of Westbrook.

Colourful play mounds, rope bridges, junior bike safety tracks, scramble rocks, lawn areas, feature look outs and shelter – and these are just the start of a whole lot more to come. We take fun and function seriously at Westbrook, naturally.



BIG NEWS – We’re an OptiComm community!

We are excited to announce that Westbrook is an OptiComm telecommunication connected community, ensuring that the estate keeps pace with the latest technology.

All  Westbrook residents will have access to OptiComm’s fibre optic network for the provision of superfast internet, free-to-air television, pay television and telephone services.

As Australia’s single largest Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) Provider, OptiComm has the combination of expertise, knowledge and technology selection, offering many features across its fibre network.

Once OptiComm is connected, you can choose your own Internet, Pay TV service and Telephone providers from Opticomm’s retail service providers. One of the great benefits is that there is no requirement for unsightly roof mounted aerials or dishes.

Westbrook Foxtel IQ4 upgrade

Foxtel have recently introduced a new IQ4 set top box (STB). This can receive and output to a TV display an ultra-high definition 4K channel (Chanel 444); however, to make this work they have introduced completely different transmission systems and new equipment. The new system operates on a completely different higher frequency and signalling format compared to the previous generation Foxtel equipment currently installed in OptiComm’s cabinet.

OptiComm have developed a solution to ensure IQ4 STB and its 4K high definition channels can be supported over OptiComm’s existing fibre network, removing the need for a per-home Foxtel satellite dish. 

Applying this solution to the existing OptiComm Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) equipment at Westbrook will enable new connections as well as existing residents to be able to view the ultra-high definition 4K channel.  The new additional equipment  has been installed in the OptiComm cabinet.    

What has been done:

The OptiComm cabinet  Foxtel upgrade has been  approved by Foxtel the and residents will be able to order the required in-home equipment upgrade from OptiComm, and the IQ4 STB from Foxtel. 

For a resident to be able to receive the new IQ4 STB at Westbrook, the following actions are required. 

For Existing Premises: 

OptiComm process 

  • Residents place an order with OptiComm call centre by phoning 1300 044 319 or email to and pay for the in-home equipment upgrade. We understand this is a similar process to Foxtel’s process to order a Foxtel IQ4 (with satellite dish) upgrade elsewhere.  
  • The price for the upgrade is $175 (Excl GST), this is to cover the cost of the appointment for our field technician to do the installation of additional in-home equipment (optical receiver) needed to support the changed Foxtel signalling methods.

Foxtel process

  • Resident arranges with Foxtel for IQ4 supply and install.

For New Premises: 

  • OptiComm install a Network Terminal Device (NTD) as is currently done, as well as the additional new Optical Receiver for the IQ4 signals. 
  • Resident arranges with Foxtel for IQ4 supply and installation.
  • There are no additional charges by OptiComm for the Foxtel IQ4 support, if ordered with the first OptiComm installation.

Getting started

Your builder must install all the in-home wiring for broadband, telephone, Freeview and PayTV in accordance with industry standards.

Your builder must also complete all cable entry work in accordance with OptiComm’s Cable Entry Guidelines. The guidelines are available online at

To avoid possible delays in getting connected, it is recommended that you ask your builder to ensure that both of the above requirements are met.

Getting connected

Residents need to register their properties with OptiComm at or by phone on 1300 137 800. You will then receive documentation to complete and return to OptiComm to confirm your connection.

After you have paid your connection fee, OptiComm will make an appointment to connect your service. You will then be able to open accounts with your preferred telephone, internet or pay television service provider.

For more information

Contact the OptiComm Customer Connection Information Desk by phoning 1300 137 800 or emailing