Westbrook Infrastructure

Westbrook is a meticulously master planned community, it represents the New West.  It will be different to the existing estates in the area, and this includes the extent of planning and funding for infrastructure provision that has taken place.  Unlike older growth areas, Westbrook has been subject to more than 5 years of intensive planning which includes a significant  commitment to funding major infrastructure.  These plans have been prepared and approved by the State Government in partnership with a range of Government Agencies, including Wyndham City Council.

The Truganina Precinct Structure Plan, which may be referenced here:  provides the details for the strategic planning for the area, including the Westbrook Estate.

The Wyndham North Development Contributions Plan, which may be referenced here, provides the details of the extent of infrastructure planning and funding.  These documents demonstrate that developers in north Wyndham will provide funding for more approximately $850M in new projects over the next 25 years.   On average, that equates to some $30M to $35M in new funded infrastructure every year.  The Council has indicated that its priority is the duplication of Leakes Road and this priority is embedded in the approved Development Contributions Plan.  Westbrook is working with Council to plan for the staged delivery of the duplication of Leakes Road, so that works can commence when funding is available.

In addition, the Wyndham North area, including Westbrook, unlike past developments in Wyndham, will pay the Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC) to the State Government.  Details of this contribution can be found here: The GAIC is currently $105,420 per hectare and is payable to the State Government to fund new infrastructure.  Over time the GAIC is estimated to raise more than $400M from Wyndham North alone which will be channelled into new infrastructure.  Generally, the developments south of Leakes Road do not pay the GAIC, it is a new source of revenue which will be available to the State Government from developments such as Westbrook.

The scale of Westbrook makes it different.  Westbrook includes a broad range of proposed education, community, recreation and retail facilities.

Westbrook residents also have the convenience of easy access to Tarneit Railway Station  which is located on site refer: