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A life at The Edge means front row seats to Westbrook’s amazing future. You’ll be walking distance to our planned 90 hectare Town Centre (that’s almost four times the current size of Pacific Werribee). When finished, it will boast retail, commercial and office areas, along with integrated community, health and residential elements. Plus you’ll be next door to our future Government secondary school, and enjoy 7 hectares of beautifully designed green open spaces within The Edge itself. You’ll be surrounded by exclusive design elements like parks featuring exotic tree varieties, with streetscaping and entry statements unique to The Edge.

Elevate your expectations AND Enjoy exclusivity. IT’s time to Experience A life MORE EXTRAORDINARY.

The Edge Design Guidelines will guarantee grand homes of impeccable design will surround you, ensuring quality is set to an impressively high standard.

And our Designer Front Landscape Range will also ensure that every front garden will look superb with a choice of 8 designs created by one of Melbourne’s premier Landscape Designers. That’s a fantastic front garden - designed, built, and maintained for the first 12 months - at no charge to you!



designer landscape BROCHURE

THE EDGE Design Guidelines

Land Available at The Edge

Release Lot No. Lot Size Lot Width Lot Depth H&L
58A 5801 512m² 16.00 32.00 Y VIEW>
58A 5802 448m² 14.00 32.00 Y VIEW>
58A 5803 448m² 14.00 32.00 Y VIEW>
58A 5804 448m² 14.00 32.00 Y VIEW>
58A 5805 601m² 12.93 32.00 Y VIEW>
58A 5806 728m² 16.90 36.00 Y VIEW>
55C 5523 374m² 10.55 25.00 Y VIEW>
55C 5524 350m² 12.50 28.00 Y VIEW>
55C 5525 350m² 12.50 28.00 Y VIEW>
55C 5526 350m² 12.50 28.00 Y VIEW>





We have a variety of excellent House & Land Packages available at The Edge. These packages will be selected from some of Melbourne’s finest builders and located in the estate’s finest position - The Edge at Westbrook.


Lot 5526 | Toledo 33 by Arden Homes
Lot 5525 | Toledo 33 by Arden Homes
Lot 5525 | Verona 34 by Arden Homes
Lot 5524 | Verona 34 by Arden Homes
Lot 5524 | Toledo 33 by Arden Homes
Lot 5526 | Angelica 2747 by Dulger Homes
Lot 5525 | Angelica 2940 by Dulger Homes
Lot 5524 | Kennedy 3120 by Dulger Homes




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