1. Who is the developer? 
    The development of Westbrook is being managed by the Dennis Family Corporation through DFC (Westbrook) Pty Ltd on behalf of the landowners.
  2. When will construction start? 
    Construction is now well underway.  Construction of each stage is normally a 20 week process, but allowance is required for poor weather or public holidays and other possible causes of delay.
  3. How small is the smallest block and how large will the blocks be?  
    The smallest blocks are 210m2 and the largest blocks are more than 700m2 with the largest (an irregular block) being 1,173 m2 in area.
  4. When will the land be for sale?  
    The land sales office opened on 18 April 2015 for information and discussion.  The formal sales process has commenced.
  5. When are titles? 
    Subject to Council approvals, as well as any unforeseen delays, construction of the first stage is expected to be complete and titles will be available in the last quarter of 2016.
  6. Are there design guidelines? 
    Yes, there are Westbrook Design Guidelines in place to optimise the amenity of the Estate.  They are user-friendly and operate for the collective benefit of lot owners.  A copy may be obtained from our land sales office or from the Web Site.
  7. What builders can I build with? 
    You can build with any registered builder of your choice, provided that the house meets the Westbrook Design Guidelines and other relevant planning or building regulations.
  8. Can I be an owner builder? 
    You can be an owner builder, provided that the house meets the Westbrook Design Guidelines and other relevant planning or building regulations.  You will need to commence construction within 18 months of settlement and the house must be complete within 30 months.
  9. Can I subdivide a block?  
    No further subdivision of the lots available for purchase is possible.  This requirement is specified as a restriction on the Plan of Subdivision on title of all blocks on Westbrook.  However, the restriction, as is common on many Estates, ceases after 10 years.  After that date, any further subdivision would require Council approval through the normal planning processes.
  10. Do I require Design Review approval? 
    Yes.  All house plans must be submitted for approval to the Westbrook Design Panel prior to a building permit being sought.
  11. What is the deposit required?  
    A 10% deposit is required on signing.
  12. How long until I have to build? 
    House construction must commence within 12 months of your land settlement and must be complete within 24 months of settlement.
  13. What facilities will be in Westbrook? 
    There are a broad range of facilities proposed, refer to the Masterplan, these include
  • The Tarneit Railway Station is now fully operational.
  • Progressive development of more than 32 kilometres of walking/cycling paths.
  • State Secondary College, in future stages north of the rail line.
  • Approximately 20 hectares of parks.
  • Playground equipment in the main central park south of the rail line near the future display village and other playgrounds in future stages.
  • Sporting ovals, tennis courts and netball facilities.
  • Wetlands to treat and clean stormwater before it is discharged into waterways.
  • A large indoor recreation centre to be constructed by Council near the town centre north of the rail line.
  • A community centre to be constructed by Council in the town centre.

There are a broad range of existing facilities already available nearby.

  1. Is there going to be shops or schools?  
  • A State Secondary College, is proposed to be built by the Victorian Government in future stages north of the rail line.
  • A large new town centre is proposed near the Train station.  Planning for the town centre includes provision for a broad range of shops, offices, entertainment and other services.
  1. What public transport is available? 
     The new rail line  provides train services to Melbourne and Geelong.  Bus 414 operates along Leakes Road and links to the Werribee Plaza.
  2. What is the pricing for blocks
    Generally, blocks are priced between $350,000 and $450,000 depending on location, features and lot size.
  3. When will creek lots be available?  
    The first creek lots near Skeleton Creek will be available in the early stages to be released to the market.  The first creek lots near Forsyth Waterway will be available later in 2015.  We do not plan on releasing these lots for sale until civil construction and landscaping is well advanced (refer Forsyth Waterway renders).
  4. What Council does Westbrook fall into?  
    Wyndham City Council.
  5. What will happen to the creek?  
    Skeleton Creek will be protected from development as a natural waterway to help attract flora and fauna.  There will be a wide green area, including a nature trail, around Skelton Creek several hundred metres wide.  The existing Forsyth Drain will be upgraded as an attractive new constructed waterway (refer renders).
  6. Will Westbrook have NBN or Fibre Optic to the home? 
    Yes.  Westbrook will be an Opticomm community
  7. Will Westbrook be BAL rated? 
    Generally yes.  The rating will be ascertained by your building surveyor.
  8. What are the soils like at Westbrook for home building?  
    The soils are typical for the area.  You should consult with your builder who can arrange for soil tests prior to construction.
  9. Will my lot have fill on it? 
    Detailed engineering design plans have been lodged with Council for approval.  The draft plans are available for lots you are considering purchasing.  The final plans approved by Council will also be available in due course.  The plans show the proposed areas of fill and its depth on each lot.  Fill will be engineered to the relevant standards as required by Council.
  10. Can I erect a satellite dish on my roof or a large aerial for overseas television reception? 
    With an Opticomm connection, there is no need for a Satellite dish to be erected.
  11. What are the requirements regarding purple pipe recycled water and water tanks?  
    City West Water require the installation of purple pipe for garden watering and toilet flushing in the Westbrook Estate.  You are required to plumb your home for use of recycled water for toilet flushing in accordance with the plumbing industry commission requirements.  Your builder will be able to explain the requirements to you.  Water tanks are not mandatory, though you will need to consult your builder as the Victorian Building Regulations require either a water tank or a solar hot water service to be installed – at the purchaser’s option and cost.
  12. Can I build a front fence?
    Front fencing is discouraged, however it can be permitted provided the Westbrook Design Guidelines are met and the fence design is approved by the developer.  Where provided front fences must not exceed 1.2 metres in height, must be made of timber or brick / masonry and the colour and design must generally complement the front façade of the house.
  13. Are the early releases walking distance to the train station? 
    Generally yes, depending on which lot you buy, the early releases are approximately 1km from the train station.  Most people can walk 1km in around 10 minutes.
  14. How many car parks will the station provide and will the parking off street be similar to Williams Landing?  
    There are more than 900 car spaces already constructed and available.  The Government has made provision for future expansion of the car parks.
  15. When will Leakes Road be widened? 
    The State Government has required the new developments north of Leakes Road to fund the duplication of Leakes Road.  It is expected that the developer levies from the general area will fund around $30M per annum for local infrastructure.  Council will prioritise the delivery of the infrastructure, but Council has indicated that the duplication of Leakes Road will be a high priority.  Therefore, we expect Leakes Road to be progressively duplicated in stages over coming years.  The first stages could commence in a few years time.
  16. Will the Estate have traffic lights? 
    Yes there are plans for 8 new sets of traffic lights around the Estate.  This includes lights at the Leakes Road and Woods Road intersection.  In addition there are plans for two new sets of pedestrian operated signals and the upgrade of signals at Morris and Leakes Road, Derrimut and Leakes Road and Sunset Views Boulevard and Leakes Road.  These road works are all funded by developer levies and will be progressively implemented as funding accrues and Council determines its priorities.
  17. When will construction on the town centre commence – can I purchase a shop? 
    We are undertaking more planning around the town centre and we will be able to provide more detailed information in the future.
  18. How long will it take for Morris Road to be constructed to Dohertys Road? 
    The State Government has required the new developments north of Leakes Road to fund the extension of Morris Road to Dohertys Road, including a new road bridge over the rail line.  It is expected that the developer levies from the area will fund around $30M per annum for local infrastructure.  Council will prioritise the delivery of the infrastructure.  So far, Council has indicated that the duplication of Leakes Road will be a higher priority than Morris Road.  Therefore, we expect Morris Road to be constructed in the medium term.
  19. Do I have to install a front garden? 
    Yes.  The Westbrook Design Guidelines require purchasers to install a front garden to a specified standard.  The garden must be installed within 4 months of the issue of the occupancy certificate of your dwelling, except if your home is completed in summer in which case a longer period applies.  You sales consultant will be able to provide the details for you.  There are no rebates available and the garden will need to be installed at the lot owner’s expense.
  20. What sort of design will the Town Centre north of the rail line have?  The Town Centre Plan suggests that streets will be constructed - will this follow the design or size of Point Cook or something on the scale of Werribee Plaza? 
    Council requires the town centre to meet specified urban design standards, this includes provision of streets through the town centre.  The fine detail of the town centre design has not yet been set, further work is being undertaken.  The overall vision and parameters have been established for the town centre and these are shown in the Westbrook Masterplan.
  21. What is the suburb boundary between Tarneit and Truganina?  Some people argue that they live on Morris Rd and Sayers Rd and in Tarneit. 
    Skeleton Creek is the suburb boundary north of Leakes Road.  South of Leakes Road, some of Morris Road (north and east of Skeleton Creek is in Truganina whereas south and west of the creek the land is in Tarneit.  Council can be contacted to provide details of the official suburb boundary if required.
  22. Will there be a walking trail to the station other than exiting Westbrook and walking on the other side of Leakes Rd? 
    Yes, the planning for the wider area provides for a new 3m wide shared concrete path to be constructed on the north side of Leaks Road between Derrimut Road and Woods Road and beyond.  The developer is working with Council to design and plan for the staged construction of the path.