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Can I sell my lot before I build?

The resale of a vacant lot prior to constructing a dwelling is not allowed at Westbrook. Permission to resell will only be provided if there are exceptional circumstances for the resale.

Can I conduct an inspection on my lot before settlement?

The Sales Team will let you know when you can inspect your lot, typically once titles are registered. Visiting of lots is strictly prohibited during the stage construction as all areas are only accessible to relevant construction contractors. These sites are under the management and control of civil contractors who are required by Law to have strict OH&S controls in place due to the ‘High Risk’ activities being performed on site. These activities include, but is not limited to, deep excavation and tunneling works, the use of large excavation equipment and trucks, so under no circumstances is access to site allowed by clients or by members of the public.

What is my responsibility once I have settled my lot?

Prior to you building your home, your lot must be regularly maintained, kept free of rubbish and overgrown vegetation to prevent others dumping material. Rubbish removal on titled lots will not be undertaken by the developer. The developer will monitor all lots to ensure regular maintenance of gardens/nature strips is undertaken by residents.

What happens when my survey pegs are missing from my settled lot?

Prior to settlement, survey pegs are installed by the developer on your lot, however any missing pegs after settlement are the responsibility of the lot owner and not the developer.


What is the time frame for constructing your home?

The construction of your home must commence within 12 months of settlement of your lot, and be complete within 24 months of the settlement of your lot.

Can I subdivide my lot?

The further subdivision of lots are allowed on specific stages in Westbrook. Please review the notice of restriction/MCP to determine if your lot can be further subdivided. The further subdivision is firstly subject to the approval of the Westbrook Design Panel, and then the approval/granting of a planning permit by Wyndham City Council.

Who is responsible for the cost of my fence?

You and your neighbour have equal cost responsibility for the dividing fence on your lot. If you have purchased a corner lot, you are solely responsible for the cost of the fence that faces the secondary street. Shared cost with neighbours only applies to common boundary fencing. To find out your neighbour’s details to arrange fencing, contact the City of Wyndham (wyndham. Under the Privacy Act the Westbrook Sales Centre cannot provide neighbours’ contact information. Refer to the Fencing Act below,

Community infrastructure levy?

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) helps cover the cost of infrastructure in new communities including outdoor recreation areas, community centres and libraries. This is a City of Wyndham requirement. The (CIL) must be paid prior to the issuing of a building permit for each dwelling.



When will the Government Secondary School open?

This will be determined by the Department of Education, based on demand.

Are the Schools zoned in Truganina/Tarneit?

Yes, refer to the website. Here is a list of local schools close to Westbrook.
Baden Powell P-9 College - - 1.74 km from Westbrook
Tarneit Senior College - - 2.01 km from Westbrook
Thomas Carr College - - 2.17 km from Westbrook
St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School - - 2.17 km from Westbrook
Tarneit P-9 College - - 2.21 km from Westbrook



What is an electrical substation?

The City of Wyndham requires substations to be located within the lot boundaries. The purpose of a substation is to ‘step down’ high voltage electricity from the transmission system to lower voltage electricity so it can be easily supplied to homes.




City of Wyndham – 9742 0777


Sunshine Hospital – 8345 1333


Healthwest Medical Centre – 8360 3877


Tarneit Station



Tarneit Central


Pacific Werribee


8734 1100


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