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Spring Newsletter 2018

Inside our new Spring Newsletter 2018

  • Westbrook is getting bigger!
  • Coffee to go
  • Style Counsel
  • Westbrook is getting greener!
  • Westbrook Community Fund is launched!

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Winter Newsletter 2018

Winter may be here, but there's plenty happening at Westbrook right now:

  • Westbrook's Southern Precinct parks
  • Leakes Road duplication on the way
  • Find out whats on in and around the City of Wyndham

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Autumn Newsletter 2018

  • Display Village now open
  • Tips for building your dream home
  • Join the Walking Group!
  • Support the Wyndham Suns

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Summer Newsletter 2018

  • Westbrook first residents move in
  • Celebrating Westbrook’s Display Village Grand Opening
  • Westbrook inaugural community grants
  • Tarneit Central is now open!

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Spring Newsletter 2017

  • Westbrook's first residents move in
  • Westbrook Display Village well underway
  • What to do in Wyndham this Spring!
  • Go North at Westbrook

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Melbourne suburb scoring itself a brand spanking new Kmart


Tarneit is the proud owner of a brand-spanking new Kmart.

The new store will open this Wednesday, at 8am.

Winter Newsletter 2017

  • Get ready for Westbrook's Northern Precinct
  • Release of first Westbrook land titles
  • Westbrook Display Village set to get underway
  • What to do in Wyndham this Winter!

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Summer Newsletter 2017

  • We've Moved - Come Check Us Out
  • The Best Ways to Enjoy Summer in the Local Area
  • Styling Tips: Take Your Home From Winter to Warmer Months
  • Tarneit Proving a Popular Destination

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Spring Newsletter 2016

  • Why Westbrook?
  • Join the Local Cricket Community
  • Thirteen Top Builders Confirmed
  • Spring is the perfect time to refresh your style
  • That's a wrap on Footy Season 2016

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Winter Newsletter 2016

  • What is happening in Wyndham?
  • Regional Rail Link celebrates anniversary
  • Pacific Werribee already at Stage 3
  • Keep cosy with our winter interior styling guide
  • Mercy Hospital is getting an upgrade

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What's up at Westbrook - Autumn Newsletter 2016

Inside our new AUTUMN NEWSLETTER 2016

  • Tarneit Central Shopping Centre under way
  • Wyndham Suns season kicks off
  • Builders on track for the Westbrook Display Village
  • Top interior design tips for Westbrook

Just Moved In: Decorating Your First Home

Buying your own home is a milestone in your life. But it can be stressful, too. On top of paperwork and some moving shenanigans, you will still need to plan the look and the aesthetics of your new space.

Despite the stress that comes with it, decorating your new home can also be liberating and exciting. Below are some things you need to carefully consider when moving into your new Westbrook home.

Start with the Colours

Liberian Youth Soccer

Westbrook are proud sponsors of the Liberian Youth Soccer Team. The team is comprised of 40 Liberian nationals between the ages of 16 through to mid-30s who love soccer, competing in both local and state tournaments. Westbrook is happy to support the team and wish them all the best in their upcoming competitions. Please visit the Westbrook Facebook page for all updates on the team. 

What's up at Westbrook - Summer Newsletter 2016

Inside our new SUMMER NEWSLETTER 2016

  • Construction has commenced
  • Library becomes our new neighbour
  • Things to do around Westbrook
  • Meet Boran Rusinovic

What's up at Westbrook - Spring Newsletter 2015

Inside our new SPRING NEWSLETTER 2015

  • Gearing up for construction start
  • Your choice of builder
  • Train saves time
  • Howzat for support
  • Grand finish for Suns
  • Meet Annetha Gunawan
  • Land in demand
  • Tarneit Central permit approval

What's up at Westbrook - Winter Newsletter 2015

Inside our new WINTER NEWSLETTER 2015

  • Buyers rush for first blocks
  • Ballot draws happy buyers
  • Patience pays off for Jocelyn
  • Train services commence
  • Countdown to construction
  • Meet Cheryl Pearson
  • Tarneit Central update
  • Land Sales Centre details

Wyndham Suns Football Club

The Wyndham Suns Football Club are thrilled to welcome aboard the Next Big Thing in the West, Westbrook Estate, as our major sponsor for 2015!