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5 Tips for revamping your home without spending a cent

April 2020 in Money Matters

So, your home needs a little TLC but you’re not about to splash all your cash on a renovation.

Try these easy & cheap hacks to get your humble abode looking fresh & fabulous.

1. Declutter your Home

Make your bed, clear your surfaces and keep things off the floor. Decluttering is an obvious but crucial first step to giving your home the revamp it deserves. Walk from one room to another and put things away, throw out random papers & documents that you don’t need, put away clothes and collect small items that don’t have a home. If something isn’t there for decoration or is not being used on a regular basis, consider donating it or storing it somewhere out of sight.

2. Use labels for better home organisation

Labelling is the key to keeping you and your home in order. Labelling helps point out where things can be found and, more importantly, where things should be put away. This will not only save you time searching for where things are and where they need to go but will keep your cupboards, shelves, pantry and fridge looking exceptionally tidy.

3. Deep clean & add green

When was the last time you mopped the floors, cleaned your carpets or washed down the walls and windows? A deep clean can get your home looking brand new and feeling fresh. Once your home is looking spick and span, bring in the outdoors and include a couple of pot plants as part of your décor. This will not only brighten and freshen the appearance of your home but will also help to detoxify the air and improve your home’s health.

4. Rearrange your furniture

Simple… but effective. You’ll be surprised at how different your space looks by simply moving a couch, a table, a bed or a chest of drawers. You may even find your home feels brand new and a lot more spacious.

5. Awaken your inner artist and get creative

Why not create your own art? Embrace the natural elements of your backyard and frame some feathers. Another idea is to press some leaves or flowers and hang them up in your home. Or, if you’re not feeling too inspired, let your little ones do the work for you.

There is nothing more special than some art made by a beloved little one!



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