May 2024 in Design Inspiration

If you’re about to embark on your forever home-building journey, it’s crucial to think about future-proofing your house and projecting how its design can meet the changing needs of the inhabitants over the course of 10 or 20 years – or even longer.

You don't need a crystal ball to make smart design choices that will serve your family now and into the future. With a little common sense and careful forward planning, you can create a home that’s sustainable, efficient, and adaptable to the changing lifestyle needs of its occupants.

April 2024 in Design Inspiration
March 2024 in Design Inspiration

Our favourite Easter craft project, who doesn't love a painted Easter egg? Read on to find out just how easy it is to get ‘egg-cited’ and cover empty eggs with a pretty marbled effect to decorate your Easter table or use as markers for a chocolate egg hunt.

To make marbled eggs, you’ll need…

Fresh white eggs

Disposable roasting tin

1 can of shaving foam

Food colouring gels in various colours

Skewer or toothpick

Kitchen paper


March 2024 in Design Inspiration

Here’s another fun project to keep the kids entertained this Easter. And the best part is that these bunnies edible, so you can enjoy them after Easter lunch. But be warned - they’re so cute, you may not want to!

To make marshmallow rabbits, you’ll need…


Food colourings

Large marshmallows (for the body)

Medium marshmallows (for the ears)

Small marshmallows (for the cheeks, feet, and tail)


March 2024 in Design Inspiration

Hippity hoppity, Easter is on its way.

Which means many of us will be looking for a way to keep the kids entertained over the Easter holidays.

Well, we’ve got you covered. This month, we’re sharing a couple of great suggestions that are sure to keep kids happy and busy, and adults may even find themselves getting stuck in, too!

February 2024 in Design Inspiration

If you're planning to renovate or refresh your home this year, start planning now! Many popular looks from the past are coming back—and they're better than ever.

So what’s in? Here are the top design trends we predict will make a comeback in 2024.

Innovative Materials

Expect a rise in sustainable materials in both design and buildings. Think unique pieces like seaweed lamps, features made from mycelium, or Japanese Shikkui plaster made out of natural seaweed fibres. 

January 2024 in Design Inspiration

Here’s how to diagnose what’s wrong with your indoor plant and how to fix it.

Where’s your plant from? Knowing its origins is the first step for caring for it correctly. For example, a succulent, is from the desert so will need plenty of sun and minimal water.

December 2023 in Design Inspiration

Christmas is coming. And for many of us, the Festive Season marks a period of extravagance when moderation goes MIA! From dining, decorating, to gifting and receiving, everything is done to excess, with lots of frenzied shopping fuelled by attractive deals and discounts.

November 2023 in Design Inspiration

Are you ready to turn your home into a summer paradise? Here are our tips on how to prepare your Westbrook house for summer!

Backyard Oasis:

Transform your backyard into a tropical escape! Set up a hammock, grab some colourful cushions, and don't forget those string lights for cosy summer nights!

Floral Fiesta:

Plant some vibrant summer flowers in your garden to add pops of colour and attract friendly pollinators.

October 2023 in Design Inspiration

The Benefit of Choosing a House and Land Package

Remove the stress of searching for your dream home with a house and land package. Find a great location and build a house you love within one of our planned communities across Melbourne and regional Victoria.

With a wide range of builders to choose from, and a selected range of land blocks and housing options to suit your budget and lifestyle, you can let the professionals take care of the rest.

It’s a simple process that can save you money and time.


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