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Interior design trends – what’s hot for 2024?

February 2024 in Design Inspiration

If you're planning to renovate or refresh your home this year, start planning now! Many popular looks from the past are coming back—and they're better than ever.

So what’s in? Here are the top design trends we predict will make a comeback in 2024.

Innovative Materials

Expect a rise in sustainable materials in both design and buildings. Think unique pieces like seaweed lamps, features made from mycelium, or Japanese Shikkui plaster made out of natural seaweed fibres. 

Customised Secondary Spaces

From back kitchens to butler’s pantries, we predict more homeowners will create extensions of their kitchens with secondary spaces. Whether transitional or closed off behind doors, these will house everything from additional refrigeration and warming drawers to built-in coffee systems, wine storage and dishwashers.

Inviting Living Rooms

Farewell to cold, white living rooms! 2023’s minimalism has evolved into a look that is less rigid for a more organic and inviting feel achieved through warm, textural spaces with natural materials in moodier, earthy colour palettes like creams, browns, rusts, and muted greens.

Muted Colours

In fact, say bye-bye to bright generally. Expect to see muted colours make a resurgence as the designs trending out of greys and into browns and chocolate neutrals continues. Not only will this be seen in fabrics and textiles, but also in cabinetry and furniture.


Plain walls are so 2023! Wallpaper has been coming back for several years right now, but 2024 will be the year it becomes an essential home décor element for spaces in need of a true hero piece. 

Vintage Vibes

Everything old is new again. So, get ready to incorporate unique pieces into your decor scheme and create the sense of a thoughtfully curated home layering found objects against new pieces of furniture! 


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