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DIY Easter Craft with your kids - Marshmallow Rabbits

March 2024 in Design Inspiration

Here’s another fun project to keep the kids entertained this Easter. And the best part is that these bunnies edible, so you can enjoy them after Easter lunch. But be warned - they’re so cute, you may not want to!

To make marshmallow rabbits, you’ll need…


Food colourings

Large marshmallows (for the body)

Medium marshmallows (for the ears)

Small marshmallows (for the cheeks, feet, and tail)


Divide the icing into three bowls. Use food colouring to colour one blue and one pink, then leave the third bowl plain.

Cut a medium marshmallow in half to create the ears. Using the plain icing, stick the ears on top of a large marshmallow and let set briefly until the ears are secure.

Stick two small marshmallows onto the rabbit’s face to make cheeks, then add a blob of pink icing for the nose and two blobs of blue icing for the eyes. Leave to set.

Stick four small marshmallows onto a large marshmallow to create the body – two should be at the top for arms and two at the bottom for legs. Stick another small marshmallow onto the body at the back to create a tail.

Using a generous blob of plain icing, stick the head onto the body, then leave to set completely.

Psssst. You can have fun making different types of animals, too, and don’t be afraid to cut the marshmallows if they’re not exactly the shape you want. If you love marshmallows as much as we do, why not try them dipped in chocolate?


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