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Design trends: Everything old is new again!

August 2023 in Design Inspiration

When it comes to style, trends come and go. And right now, nostalgia is having a moment in design of all kinds. Over the past couple of years, nostalgic elements have begun to creep into many facets of daily life – from fashion to furniture and even the music we stream, as we’ve watched brands and designers seek out a sense of comfort by reinventing the familiar.

This is especially evident in the upsurge of vintage styles which have gained mainstream popularity across furniture, fashion and design via social channels like Instagram and Pinterest, further fuelled by a heightened focus on sustainability, with many of us proactively seeking vintage styles and an evocative feel in our homes.

So, how to incorporate nostalgic elements in your own home?

  • One way to do this is to incorporate design elements that evoke a specific period. This could include one or more feature items of furniture like a distinctive mid-20th century Bauhaus style lounge or dining setting, or a striking antique mirror or rug.
  • For a quick fix, opt for textiles, paint colours, smaller furniture pieces, and wallpaper inspired by a particular era. For example nothing says 1970’s chic like brightly coloured geometric Marimekko fabrics or check out websites like Esty for good value pieces featuring popular patterns and designs by William Morris (Arts & Crafts movement) and Florence Broadhurst (1960s revival).
  • For an eclectic approach, mix past and present using individual vintage pieces from various eras mixed in with contemporary modern neutral tones, creating a timeline of sorts from the past to the present. Think old rugs, artwork or an antique side table paired with modern sofas or a dining setting, or a much-loved quilt on a bed.
  • Another great trick is to take an item of furniture like a ‘70s style sofa in a throwback shape but do it in a fresh colour, or vice versa – a great option for reviving an old, or tired items otherwise consigned to the trash and treasure pile!

The most important thing to remember is that iconic pieces often define an era and will impact the character of the space, so be smart about it. The goal is always to evoke pleasant memories and associations in order to create a familiar and conformable environment that you’re happy with.


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