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Getting your house ready for summer

November 2023 in Design Inspiration

Are you ready to turn your home into a summer paradise? Here are our tips on how to prepare your Westbrook house for summer!

Backyard Oasis:

Transform your backyard into a tropical escape! Set up a hammock, grab some colourful cushions, and don't forget those string lights for cosy summer nights!

Floral Fiesta:

Plant some vibrant summer flowers in your garden to add pops of colour and attract friendly pollinators.

Chill Out Lounge:

Create a relaxation corner with comfy outdoor furniture. Get some umbrellas or a pergola for shade and enjoy your morning coffee or evening cocktails.

BBQ Bonanza:

Get your grill game on! Clean your barbecue, stock up on charcoal or gas, and prepare your tastebuds for some mouthwatering summer BBQs.

Fruity Freeze:

Make your own fruit icy poles or ice cream to stay refreshed in the heat!

Summer Tunes:

Create a summer playlist. Your favourite tunes will get you through the warmest of days!

Stay Bug-Free:

Invest in some citronella candles or mosquito nets to keep those bugs away from your outdoor area.

Beach Reads:

Don't forget to stock up on the latest releases. It's a great way to relax on lazy summer days.



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