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Heavy lifting! What’s it takes to build each stage at Westbrook?

June 2023 in Construction

Building a 4,000-lot residential development like Westbrook involves a lot of heavy lifting.  

And we mean A LOT! 

The Westbrook team have constructed 55 stages, and home builder partners have built almost 1,250 houses with a further 231 currently under construction.

So we thought we’d share some fun facts about just how much effort and energy goes into constructing each stage…

  • Over 5,000 cubic metres of dirt is typically excavated from each one, with a further 4,000 cubic metres of dirt used for fill. 
  • And because we’re committed to recycling, wherever possible surplus fill is utilised on other stages, while any rock excavated is usually crushed down and taken offsite. 
  • Expect to see at least one excavator, scraper and bulldozer hard at work preparing each stage, each capable of moving around 1,000 cubic metres of earth per day.

  • And we are talking HEAVY machinery, with plant (excavators, loaders, backhoes) weighing anywhere from 5 to 67 tonnes depending on the specific job and site conditions.
  •  Around 50m – 100m of pipes and electrical cabling are laid in a typical stage per day – totalling 250m per stage.  
  • It also takes a river of concrete, with around 200m of concrete poured for kerbing each day, plus 50m for footpaths.

  • And of course none of it would be possible without a large workforce to make it all happen. Anywhere between 25 -50 people are typically involved in building a stage – some of them physically on site, with others providing input, including the estate’s project team, site supervisors, machine operators, labourers and lots of sub-contractors.


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