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December 2023 in Meet Your Neighbours

It’s time to check in with another member of the Westbrook Sale Team and find out what they’ve got planned for the upcoming Christmas holiday period!

Sales Consultant, Sam Hewa, moved into his current at the Westbrook Land Sales Office mid-way through last year, after a stint at Donnybrae, another Dennis Family Corporation residential land development in Melbourne’s north. Since then he has well and truly established himself as a valued and popular member of the Westbrook Sales Team. 

Christmas is shaping up to be a relaxing time for Sam and family.  

Where will you be spending this Christmas?

I’m having Christmas at home this year with my wife, Nisha, our 2 children, Nirmal and Minuki, and our pets – Kiki the Huski and Milo the cat.

Who will you be celebrating it with?

Family and plenty of friends. It’s always such a great time to catch up with everyone.

Who will do the cooking?

My lovely wife Nisha is in charge – and I will be her kitchen hand!

Do you have any other holidays planned this festive season?

Along with one or day trips locally and seeing lots of friends, after Christmas the whole family is heading off on a road trip to Sydney. Nisha, and the kids haven’t ever been there before so we’re really looking forward to it! Visits to Bondi Beach and the Opera House, and a harbour ferry ride, are all high on the agenda!

If you could plan your dream holiday, where would you go?

Definitely Europe for the food and culture and Canada for some of the most stunning landscapes in the world.

Christmas is always a special time, and it’s a celebration we're encouraging the whole Westbrook community to take part in!


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