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September 2023 in Events & Local Area

How do we benefit from reading books? Reading enriches your mind, broadens your horizons and enhances various aspects of your personal and intellectual life.

Here’s a brief explanation of how reading books can change your brain and body, for the better.

REDUCES STRESS. Letting yourself get lost on a good book is a great escape from the worries and stresses of the everyday world.

IMPROVES CONCENTRATION AND MEMORY. Mental exercise like reading strengthens your memory and concentration because it focuses your attention.

STRENGTHENS COMMUNICATION SKILLS. Increasing your vocabulary, communications skills, and being exposed to different writing styles will help you become a better communicator.

INCREASES IMAGINATION AND CREATIVITY. Reading sparks imagination and creativity, nurturing your brain to develop ideas, possibilities, understanding, and be more open to the opinions of others.

INCREASES ABILITY TO EMPATHISE. Reading helps you develop a better ability to understand others and equips you will skills that enable you to build, navigate, and maintain social relationships.

HELPS PREVENT AGE-RELATED COGNITIVE DECLINE. Reading can be a great way to keep your mind engaged as you grow older.

IT MAY EVEN HELP YOU LIVE LONGER! Studies have shown that people read live around 2 years longer than those who don’t.



Reading is very, very good for you! It’s never too late to begin taking advantage of the many physical and psychological benefits waiting for you in the pages of a good book.


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