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Just Moved In: Decorating Your First Home

December 2016 in Design Inspiration

Buying your own home is a milestone in your life. But it can be stressful, too. On top of paperwork and some moving shenanigans, you will still need to plan the look and the aesthetics of your new space.

Despite the stress that comes with it, decorating your new home can also be liberating and exciting. Below are some things you need to carefully consider when moving into your new Westbrook home.

Start with the Colours

Interior designers recommend using paint if you want to transform your new space into something interesting quickly and easily. You can do it a few days before you finally move the furniture in. The choice of your colour should be flexible, so you will not have a hard time matching the fixtures with your space.  

Prioritise Storage

If you are buying new pieces of furniture, prioritise storage. Doing so will help you organise all your things, especially the smaller ones. Get shelves and cabinets that you can easily fit into corners or mount on the wall. 

Save Space

You can save a lot of space by studying your home’s floor plan. This will help you plan the arrangement of furniture and create ‘zones’ to keep your room from looking cramped and dingy.

When organising furniture pieces, start with the big ones, such as beds, sofas and kitchen tables.  That way, you will find it much easier to arrange smaller items, such as small chairs, centre tables, and some appliances.

Save Money

Fight the urge to buy all new things at once. This will not only keep you from spending on needless items, but it will also help you focus on things your home really needs. Only make significant purchases once you already have solid ideas on how each room will function.

These are only some of the things to keep in mind when sprucing up your new home. Check out our blog regularly for more information about making the most of your life here in Westbrook.




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