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Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day!

March 2024 in Meet Your Neighbours

Today, is International Women’s Day. So, it’s time to acknowledge and celebrate women’s achievements right around the globe.

We asked Melissa Munro, Dennis Family Corporation’ dynamic Marketing Manager, about International Women’s Day, what women have inspired her, and what challenges and opportunities she sees ahead.

What does IWD mean to you?

It’s a great day to support fellow women everywhere. We sometimes forget that we all struggle with the same issues, and we need to remind ourselves how unique and amazing we really are.

What woman has most inspired you and why?

I know everyone says their Mum, but what other woman is there for you literally from the moment of conception through to the day one of you leaves this world! As a mother of a young daughter, I’m now so much more aware of the huge responsibly that all mums have in raising the next generation of women, and I am thrilled to have some input into just one young lady’s life. Like most people, Mum and I have been through many highs and lows in our relationship, but she’s always been the most consistent person in my life not to mention being an amazing role model helping me to raise my own daughter.

Name one challenge/opportunity you see lying ahead for women.

There are so many, but I think providing women with greater education about the digital space and equipping them to navigate social media more confidently is critical. We need to steer women away from so much reliance on validation from social media ‘friends’ and instead show them that it is possible not just to survive, but to thrive, despite it – and to feel happier and healthier at the same time!


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