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Live Local, Meet Prabhjeet

August 2023 in Meet Your Neighbours

When choosing a new block to build your dream family home, comfort in your location is everything.

Living near a train line and the thought of the additional noise the area may bring, may deter potential home buyers from looking, but for now established Westbrook resident Prabhjeet and his family, the required building regulations provide more benefits than drawbacks.

The family chose land overlooking Westbrook’s train line and in close proximity to Tarneit railway station, which services the V/Line Geelong and Warrnambool lines. They trusted the planning and construction of their first home, a single storey, to a custom builder, a process that they found “easy and professionally managed”.

“I am incredibly happy with the process and the outcome,” enthuses Prabhjeet. “The double-glazed windows and soundproofing required in the guidelines to accommodate the potential for external noise in the area keep the home warm during winter and cool during summer. We don’t notice the noise at all and we have benefited from the building requirements, so it’s a bonus, ” confirms Prabhjeet.

To ensure resident comfort, Section 2.100 of the State Environmental Planning Policy (Transport and Infrastructure) 2021 requires that additional measures are provided in residential buildings to ensure that noise levels are not exceeded. These measures include double-glazed windows, solid timber doors, brick veneer, and additional insulation, as well as a further brick veneer for the upper level of double-story homes.

With these benefits in mind, it’s great news for new and prospective residents of Westbrook looking to get into the market at an affordable price with Stages 31, 71 and 72 further along the train line either released or soon to be available for purchase.

Prabhjeet’s home is so undisturbed by any noise, that he continues to enjoy his favourite pastime of reading books quite regularly.

With a stable job as a local real estate agent and two growing children, Prabhjeet knew there was a lot to love about living in Westbrook.

“I didn’t have information about Westbrook before I moved here”, he states. “I had been looking for two years before I purchased this land to build my home. I bought here because the Westbrook estate and surrounding amenities provide myself and my family with all our needs.”

Prabhjeet is now within 15 minutes of his work, his children’s school and kindergarten, the freeway, and the amenities Westbrook and the local area boast, including shops, playgrounds and greenspaces, the train station, and places of worship. Extended family also lived nearby in Tarneit, which was another bonus to living at Westbrook estate.

“It saved my travelling time, so I can spend more time with my family,” enthuses Prabhjeet.

Apart from its proximity to much-needed amenities, Prabhjeet and his family love living in Westbrook for the strong sense of community and would recommend the estate to others. In addition, they have received valuable support from the Westbrook Team.

“The Westbrook Team is very approachable and reliable,” begins Prabhjeet. “They always provided their guidance whenever we needed it.”

“I always tell my family and friends that Dennis Family is the most reliable and trustworthy company.”


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