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LOVE LOCAL - Meet Karthik, proud resident at Westbrook Estate

October 2022 in Meet Your Neighbours

Second-home buyer, Karthik Thatikonda and his family are excited about joining the Westbrook community.

We took this opportunity to chat with Karthik what he is most looking forward to about moving into Westbrook.

There are so many factors to consider when purchasing land and building your own house. What made you choose Westbrook?
We did visit quite a few estates before buying the land in Westbrook. Firstly we liked the location of Westbrook with multiple new schools in the vicinity and close to Tarneit station.
Also the fact that the community is great with many of my friends living around. The layout looks beautiful too with creek and beautiful looking homes across the estate.

The sales process can sometimes be an overwhelming and daunting process. What have been your biggest challenges so far? And how have the Westbrook Sales Team helped you and supported you along the way?
Honestly, we were apprehensive on how things would turn out. But, Cheryl was great in guiding and answering all the questions we had and made the whole process simple. Very professional and friendly at the same time.

When do you expect to move into your new home?
Can't wait for the house to be all built and ready to move in. So, whenever that happens.

What are you most looking forward to about living at Westbrook?
Close to all the amenities we need. And living close to friends!

Would you recommend Westbrook to your friends and family? And if yes, what would you tell them?
Definitely! Westbrook estate fits in all the aspects for a comfortable living in terms of locations, accessibility and community.


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