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LOVE LOCAL - Meet Meenu Babbar, proud resident at Westbrook Estate

February 2022 in Meet Your Neighbours

First-home buyer, Meenu is an Early Childhood Professional, working with educators and families in long day care settings. Having purchased land at Westbrook, she is currently in the process of moving into her new home and couldn’t be more excited!

We took this opportunity to chat with Meenu what she is most looking forward to about moving into Westbrook.

There are so many factors to consider when purchasing land and building your own house. What made you choose Westbrook? 

“I work long hours in a demanding, but rewarding job, so I was really keen to build a house that would provide me with my own personal oasis. While I was super excited about taking the plunge and entering the housing market, I was also quite anxious about whether I would find something that would meet all my needs, and didn't want to compromise on any details.

“I needn’t have worried. Westbrook ticks all the boxes, and there’s so much to love about the Estate. But one of the things which most attracted me is its great location, so close to both the Freeway and the Tarneit Train station, which is literally just down the road.

“I also love the fact that Westbrook is incredibly well presented, beautifully designed, with stunning landscaping, incorporating so many parks and open spaces. Plus, it’s hard to go past all fantastic facilities proposed, not to mention Tarneit Central Shopping Centre conveniently located right next door.

“Collectively, these mean Westbrook is already shaping up to be a thriving community – and one that I am really looking forward to becoming a part of.”

The sales process can sometimes be a pretty overwhelming and daunting process. What have been your biggest challenges so far? And how have the Westbrook Sales Team helped you and supported you along the way? 

“Being a first home buyer, the whole process was entirely new to me and I had no idea where to even begin. However, Cheryl from the Westbrook Land Sales Office guided me expertly through every step of the sales process and made it an absolute pleasure from the very first phone call.

“Patient and understanding throughout each of the successive COVID lockdowns and other delays, she went out of her way to keep me up to date about where everything was at and ensure I had all the information I needed for a successful settlement.”

When do you expect to move into your new home? 

“I’m moving into my new home first thing in the New Year – fingers crossed! I can’t wait!”

What are you most looking forward to about living at Westbrook? 

“Well… there are almost too many things to mention! Of course, I can’t wait to move into an estate with so many amenities right on my doorstep. Plus, the Morris Road Overpass will be fantastic once it opens and make access through the Estate so much quicker and easier. But I’m also really excited about joining such a vibrant community, familiarising myself with the neighbourhood and all the parks, and getting acquainted with my new neighbours.”

Would you recommend Westbrook to your friends and family? And if yes, what would you tell them? 

“I have absolutely no doubt that building my first home here at Westbrook was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

“In fact, I’ve already recommended Westbrook Estate to my younger sister – noting that she didn’t take much convincing at all to follow in my footsteps! Once again, Cheryl was amazing and helped her secure a perfect site in the next Stage release following mine, which is another reason why I can’t wait to live in Westbrook, where we’ll be living only a few streets away from each other and we’ll all be able to enjoy being first home buyers together.”


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