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January 2021 in Events & Local Area

Summer’s here! School’s out, the days are long and golden, and the weather is warm. And given all the challenges of the year just gone, this Summer seems especially precious. Which is why it’s time to time to find our joy again and celebrate the most Australian of seasons.

But if you find yourself doing the same old stuff, why not make this Summer a little different? Here are some awesome things you should definitely do before Autumn rolls around!

Go for a picnic.

It might seem a little old-fashioned, but picnics are a lot of fun. Put some food in a basket or an esky, go find a grassy spot somewhere, plop down, and have a meal.  Bring your friends or your family along and make it an experience to remember. Just be sure to bring the sunscreen during the day and Aerogard in the evening!

Unplug and connect with your real-life friends.

Everyone’s on the Internet these days. Some people will keep their face pointed directly at their phones even when they’re outside. Sometime this Summer, why not set the mobile down, dial down the iPad, step away from the computer and experience life without the Internet. Instead take time to catch up and see your friends and do the things you used to do before the Internet became a dominant force in our lives. Your brain will thank you because sometimes, you just have to get away from the web.

Start a garden.

There is an almost primal satisfaction in growing things yourself from flowers and vegetables to fruits, and herbs. Finding what to grow is half the fun and weeding your garden can be oddly calming and therapeutic. Plus, at the end of Summer, you can pick or preserve what you grow and use it for indoor decoration, as food, or to add spice to food – the perfect win-win!

Sweat it out.

Summertime is the best time to get yourself into shape, as sunny weather makes outdoor activities all the more fun. People generally get fitter over the Summer because there is so much more to do from swimming to cycling to jogging and hiking. And if you start doing exercising now and keep going until autumn, you’re guaranteed to see results!

Take a break.

This one is self-explanatory, but important – especially this year. Going on holiday, whether it’s a short break or a longer trip, is the perfect way to escape the stresses of your every-day routine. Decompress, recharge, and give yourself a mental and emotional makeover. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt that holidays are fun.

Fire up the BBQ.

Nothing says Summer like firing up the barbecue and the grill! There is no better time to invite your friends, neighbours, and family over for some fun and a chance to bond with people you care about.

Explore your own backyard.

Last but by no means least, why not rediscover your own ‘backyard’? When we were kids, Summer was the time to explore. So why to stop now you’re grown up? There are plenty of new experiences out there calling your name, and the arrival of Summer brings with it an irresistible invitation to hit the road in search of unfamiliar towns, coastlines, and islands to explore.

Here are just a few suggestions to get you started…

  • Escape the city for a day wine tasting in the Yarra Valley or on the Mornington or Bellarine Peninsulas.
  • Watch some wildlife on Phillip Island, the Grampians or one of Victoria’s many other state and national parks.
  • Admire the sights along the Great Ocean Road.
  • Spend the day swimming and sunbathing at one of Victoria’s many stunning beaches.
  • Watch a movie beneath the stars at the Moonlight Cinema in Melbourne’s Royal Botanical Gardens or St. Kilda's outdoor cinema by the beach.
  • Pitch a tent in remote and rugged bushland or relax in a ‘glamp’ site that leans toward luxe.

But however you plan to spend this Summer, no matter where you are or what you are doing, do not forget to take time to stop, breath and enjoy yourself and indulge in a little sunshine, love and laughter.


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