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Step 3: Buy your new home or sell your current home first?

January 2020 in Construction

One of the most frequently asked, and notoriously difficult to answer, questions regarding purchasing property is: ‘should I buy before selling my existing property, or should I sell my existing property first?’.

Quite simply, every situation is different, and we recommend you consult an independent financial advisor before making any binding decisions.

There are a few key considerations that can help inform your decision making.

Is the current market favouring those selling or buying? In a sellers’ market, prices can rise quickly. If you sell then take too long to find the house you want to buy, you risk being priced out of the market. On the flip side, in a buyers’ market you risk being lumbered with a hefty mortgage if you buy a property based on inflated expectations of your current home’s worth before selling.

Is bridging finance an option? Bridging finance can cover the cost of the new purchase until the existing property is sold, or if there is an overlap on settlement dates. While interest rates for bridging finance can be higher, they can save on the costs of moving and renting a property in the interim.  Again, we recommend you consult an independent financial advisor before making any decisions.

Are you purchasing land and building your next home? Building a new home, particularly in an estate, raises some different issues. You may plan to sell your existing property and rent somewhere to live while you build. Alternatively, you may have sufficient finances available, or be able to extend your mortgage, so that you can stay in your current home until your new build is complete and you can sell or rent out your old home. Whether or not the land is already titled can have a significant bearing on the timeframes involved, and increase your exposure to housing market volatility, for better or worse, if you are planning to sell when your new build is complete. An independent financial advisor can help you navigate these complex issues. 

To sum up, with so many variables, it is impossible to provide a one-size-fits-all answer to the ‘sell or buy first’ question, other than ‘do your homework and seek independent professional advice’. 

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