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August 2023 in Design Inspiration

Unleash your green thumb and explore the captivating world of Australian native flowers! Did you know that over thousands of years, Australia’s diverse and challenging climates have shaped our flora, making it completely unique to Australia’s environment. Not only are Australian natives better suited to our climate than international imports, but they also help provide habitats and food for native wildlife.

If you’re wanting to reinvigorate your garden with some Australian native plants and flowers, here are 5 favourite worth considering.


Gum blossoms are a unique flower that native wildlife will love. Reminiscent of fireworks, these flowers don’t have petals, but instead offer an explosion of stamens in shades of red, white, pink, purple, orange, and yellow, providing plenty of nectar for bees, other pollinators, and nectar-feeding birds.


Found in Southeast Australia, waratah flowers are vibrant pink blossoms with unique sphere-like shapes and curved petals. Varieties like New South Wales, Gippsland and Tasmania waratahs differ in petal density. Thriving in full sun to part shade, they prefer some protection from harsh afternoon sun. Waratahs thrive in slightly acidic, sandy soil that should not completely dry out.


Banksias are cone-like blooms found in various sizes and locations, from small shrubs to 30m trees. Their nectar-rich flowers offer food for bees, birds, possums, and bats – and for this reason, the banksia is also known as the Australian honeysuckle. Banksias thrive in well-drained sandy soil and full sun. Once established, they tolerate dry conditions but require initial watering for proper establishment.


Native to Western Australia, everlasting daisies, also known as paper daisies, are popular for retaining their vibrant colour even when dried. Despite their name, these flowers are annuals that are best sown in autumn and bloom from September until November (or earlier in more humid climates). They thrive in sandy soil and full sun, like many other native plants.


When it comes to hedging plants, Lilly Pillies reign as Australia's top choice. These evergreen trees are dense and fast-growing, guaranteeing you the perfect hedge for your garden. Found along the east coast of Australia, they thrive full sun to partial shade. Adding these vibrant greens to your diverse flower garden will create a harmonious blend of leaves and blooms.


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