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Travelling safe in the community

April 2023 in Events & Local Area

The safety of our kids is paramount, so let's provide them with the necessary tools that'll keep them safe whilst travelling in the community.  Your kids have a right to feel and be safe - whether they're walking or riding to school, a friend's house or the local playground. But it can be both a challenge and a worry for parents and carers to know if their kids are ready to take that big step - to get around by themselves.  Learn how to prepare your child to travel safely around your neighbourhood without you and know if they're ready to take that big step.

At this free webinar, representatives from Neighbourhood Watch Victoria will discuss:


  • Is your child ready?
  • Getting prepared
  • A personal network
  • Early warning signs
  • The three R’s
  • Planning the route

Neighbourhood Watch will also demonstrate their free interactive e-learning journey "Travelling safely in the community" which parents and kids can do together.

There's plenty of helpful tips and online tools that you can work through with your child afterwards.

This event is for residents of Westbrook estate, Truganina. Presented by Neighbourhood Watch Victoria and Westbrook, a Dennis Family Community

Visit "Travelling safely in the community• at www.nhw.com.au/kids.

When: Tuesday 18th April

Time: 6pm to 7pm

Where: Online via Zoom

Bookings: Click Here



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