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Westbrook’s newest park and wetlands on track to open this Spring

February 2024 in Construction

Westbrook residents will also be pleased to know that the new park and wetlands planned for in Stage 55 are both on track to open in late Spring this year. 

Covering over three quarters of a hectare, the new park will feature wide range of sensory and active play elements catering for children of all ages from toddlers through to teens including swings with baby seats, musical stepping stones, a scooter track, and an outdoor lounge and chill out area. There’s even a nature play area incorporating balancing logs, timber steppers and cluster climbers.

Forming the park’s key centrepiece, the Kompan Stegosaurus play structure is expected to be one of the park’s most recognisable – and popular, attractions. Providing a range of play value and tests motor skills for all abilities, climbers will also be rewarded with amazing view of the surrounding area and nearby Skeleton Creek.

But it’s not just about the kids! Fitness enthusiasts will also enjoy various outdoor equipment located along the shared pedestrian path, plus there’s an undercover shelter and a quiet seating area away from play areas for those after a little meditative time.

A variety of local shrubs, ground covers and aquatic plants will provide an attractive backdrop for the adjacent wetlands and nearby Skeleton Creek with native trees forming shaded canopies along the pedestrian and shared paths.

Best of all, solar public lighting will be introduced as part of Council’s overall strategy, which will enhance the usability of the park and the path network after dark at night and in terms of safety.


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