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July 2023 in Design Inspiration

There's something truly special and totally unique about pre-loved furniture, not to mention the overwhelming joy of searching for your loot and finding the perfect piece!

Repurposing pre-owned homewares is also a sustainable movement that we should all take notice of and do our part to save treasures ending up in storage or, worse still, landfill.

To help you on your vintage voyage, here are a few tips to point you in the right direction: 

 Consider a spruce-up.

Do you have items of furniture that you love but they are looking a little tired or out-dated? A quick clean, coat of paint or some small alternations could give your old pieces a new life.

Invest in iconic pieces.

Iconic, timeless pieces are always a good investment. They're a good centrepiece for a room, look stunning and are more likely to be resalable, if you ever want to sell them down the track. After all, great design is always in style.

Be patient

Enjoy the thrill of the chase! If you invest the time and energy, the perfect piece will find you.

Avoid the traps

If you're searching online, look for detailed photographs and descriptions and always ask as many questions as you can.


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